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Simple Knowledge Organisation Tool  v.1.0

A simple tool for sketching out ontology structures, including OWL export. Developed at the University of Manchester as a third-year

CODIUS a simple knowledge sharing tool  v.1.0

CODIUS is a simple tool to ask for help/support in a collaborative environment such a knowledge intensive communities whose members have experience in different areas. This tool simplifies the knowledge sharing between the community members.

Simple Use Case Documentation Tool  v.1.2

This is a simple tool with a user interface to key in use case text and spell out PDF documentation. Each use case will have the following captured. 1) Use Case Name 2) Page over view. 3) Pre conditions 4) Wireframe (image) 5) ...

Simple IP Config (formerly Easy IP Changer)  v.2.1

Simple IP Config is a simple tool wrote in AutoIt to easily change common network settings. Using this application you can modify the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server. Now you can easily change your network configuration any time you

DiffRes Web Page Preview Tool  v.1.0

I made this tool with single purpose only: to preview my pages in different screen sizes. It is quite simple tool - just fill in the page to load and click on the respective preview button. No installation needed - just download, unzip and use. To

BitBake build tool  v.1.12.0

BitBake is a simple tool for the execution of tasks. It is derived from Portage, which is the package management system used by the Gentoo Linux distribution. It is most commonly used to build packages, and is used as the basis of the OpenEmbedded

HTTP Upload Tool in PHP  v.1.0

This is a simple tool that lets you setup a drop-box for users to upload files with a browser. The goal was to create a drop-box similar to FTP, but easier for users to use and easier for non-technical admins to

Simple DB Object Builder  v.0.2.4

DB Object builder is a simple tool which can generate a lot of Java source file for you. Each Java source file map to a table in your database. It is like Hibernate, but it is smaller than it and do not use any complex XML configuration

Simple Othello Game  v.1.0

This simple tool helps students helps a competition between students enrolled in an Artificial Intelligence course at University of Szeged.

Struts 1.2 and hibernate Creator tool  v.1.0

simple tool to create hibernate database maping files and struts 1.x screens and application resourses related to database table (Oracle database)

Task Counter  v.1.0

Task Counter is a simple tool that counts your work time spent on particular tasks. Thanks of that you can control your efficiency and motivate yourself. While you are working, the Task Counter is counting time. When you are playing or you are gone

SiteVerify  v.0.1 Beta

SiteVerify is a simple tool to check the anchor tags (links) on your website

PAEPing for Windows  v. Beta

PAEPing is a simple tool for executing ping tests.

LinkSpector  v.1.0

LinkSpector is a simple tool that especially for website owners and SEO managers

IPc  v.1.3.7

IPc (IP checker) is just a simple tool to find out what your Public IP address is.

NoDrives Manager  v.1.2.0

NoDrives Manager is a free, simple tool for hiding Windows logical drives by modifying the registry.

Windows Startup Assistant  v.1.0

Windows Startup Assistant is a simple tool for managing your startup programs.

CPU Heater  v.1.3

This simple tool does exactly what it says: heating the CPU.

FLAC Comment Editor  v.1.1.0

A simple tool designed to help you add comments to a flac file

LineDrop  v.2.0.0

LineDrop is a simple tool designed to help you convert the line ends

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